Custom Home in Colorado Springs

Bella Vista

When you arrive at this home, a courtyard at the front entrance is defined with a fountain that begins to reflect the living art form that you will soon encounter. This old world fountain with courtyard is the focal point that states to all that pass by the elegance that invites the discerning eye.

Once past the courtyard you step into the foyer that moves you to a different time and the luxury of a state of the art home that embraces Old World Charm.  Every passage way leads past art exhibits to an environment‚ not a room.  Every area has been planned to incorporate many amenities such as: fireplaces, lighting to enhance ambiance and walls with textures that invite the owners to enjoy every nook and never stop exploring their private retreat that truly was designed by Artisans.  Arched passageways with barreled ceilings that are illuminated over your head that warmly light your way while inviting you from one very special environment to another.

When you arrive in the next room the visitor needs to take time to examine the detail that makes up this glorious creation. Every area of the home will open to Tuscany style; balconies, courtyards with views without compromising privacy.  If this isn’t enough, a state of the art kitchen for the gourmet chef and a dining experience of Old World Style and influence  Retreat to a master suite with every amenity imaginable.


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