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Land – The Beginning of Your Custom Home Journey (Part 1)

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A common question that we get here at Tuscany Homes is, “Where do I start on my custom homebuilding journey?”

Our answer, and the first step of our home building process, is to consider the Land upon which the home will be built. For the purposes of this discussion, we will assume that the client has already purchased (or agreed to purchase) the land on which the home will be built.

At Tuscany Homes, we like to start the consideration of the Land with a consultation and deliberate consideration of the Land. Stan Campbell, Tuscany Homes’ award-winning builder, along with our architects, will physically walk the lot with the client. During the “muddy boots” walk, the Tuscany Homes team (builder and architect) will work with the client to identify:

  • The view corridors and scenic options of the Land
  • The options for locating the home on the Land
  • The topographical considerations of the Land, including:
    • Drainage
    • Size of the Land, Building envelope, and Site access
    • Excavation requirements
    • Utility access to the home location
    • Locations for septic systems (if required)
  • Implications of the topographical considerations of the Land on the building of the new Home. This can be…:
    • …beneficial considerations, such as extra tall ceilings in the basement if the slope of the land supports it.
    • …building challenges, such as a lack of drainage options for the land.
    • …other considerations, such as locations for retaining walls.

As the Land is considered by the client and the Tuscany Homes team, the following questions will be explored by the group:

  • Why did you buy this land? What attracts you to the land? What do you value about it?
  • What do you want to emphasize about the land as it relates to the home?
  • What do you want to emphasize about the land as it relates to your lifestyle?

At the end of the initial consultation, the Tuscany Homes team and the clients will have a thorough understanding and initial concept of the home’s location and how the Land will support the client’s vision of the residence and their desired lifestyle.

In Part 2 of this discussion, we will consider the technical impact of the Land on the building process.

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