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Our Building Process

Our Building Process

Tuscany Homes implements an innovative approach to designing and building a custom home and property. We work backward from the land to the finishes of the home.



In Step 1:

We consider the land on which the home will sit. Why did you buy it? How does the house need to interact with the land? What special features need to be emphasized and which ones mitigated?


In Step 2:

We design the floor plan. Tuscany Homes does not limit you to a library of existing plans. We will design a truly unique home for your family. We have many plans that can provide a starting point and we encourage you to bring us your ideas and concepts. We want to know what inspires you, what styles appeal to you, and what lifestyle considerations such as kids, parents, hobbies and in-home work spaces (among many others) will have to be addressed by the plan.


Simultaneously, in Step 3:

We seek to understand what kind of budget the home has and how the land and floor plan will integrate with the ‘should cost’ number. We estimate allowances for each decision and design element and give you a sense of how aligned the numbers are to the shared vision of your home. We iterate the numbers and the floor plan/finish schedule until the right balance is achieved.


In Step 4:

We start construction and you make your finish choices such as colors, granite, floors and stain colors, etc.


In Step 5:

You take possession of your new home and enjoy it while referring your friends to Tuscany Homes!

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