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Price of Your Home

Price of Your Home


As a full custom-builder, we build at many different price points. The price of your house is ultimately up to you; it is a function of size, style, and desired finishes. As noted in our building process, we work backward from the land, to floor plan, to the desired style and finishes to arrive at a set of allowances for each decision you can make in the house and stay within your identified budge. If you stay close to those allowances, you will stay close to your budget.

Your house is unique and has never been built before so no one can perfectly predict what everything will cost. All construction budgets are estimates. At Tuscany, we use our experience, expertise, relationships and strong management processes to reduce the ambiguity and bound the uncertainty.

Building a custom home is an expensive endeavor; for many clients it is the most expensive purchase of their lives. At Tuscany Homes, we understand that and we ensure that our homes are worth every dollar that goes into them. We build homes of inspired elegance and enduring value.


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